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City Shutterbugs go GAGA over Instagram

FreePress Journal Exclusive on "World Photography Day"

FreePress Journal Exclusive on “World Photography Day”

City Shutterbugs go GAGA over Instagram

Not long back, amateur photographers wanting to showcase their talent had only two means – Exhibitions and the print media.
Not everybody had the resources to hold an exhibitions and persuading a major newspaper or magazine to publish your picture was easier said than done.

However, Instagram has changed all that. The photo and video-sharing social networking service, owned by Facebook, allows photographers to share their work glogally and at no cost.

Launched in 2010, it has emerged as a boon for the enthusiastic wielders of the camera – Whether the bulky DSLRs or the handy mobile phones.

Free press talked to some leading city-based shutter bugs to know how Instagram helped them wih recognition and get assignments. Excerpts :

                                                                      (Smita – FreePressJournal)



International Recognition
I would like to give 90% of the credit for whatever i have achieved in this feild to Instagram. When i first wielded the camera, only people who knew me in the city and places around could see the pictures cliked by me. But now, I have a globle platform. Anybody from any corner of the world can see my picture and appreciate them. Even if you have a very limited of followers on Instagram, they can share your work with others and the chain continues. I have around 70,000 followers on Instagram. Facebook has given me the status of an International Celebrity Photographer and my FB account has the blue tick. If you Google my name, details about me would be shown in a celebrity knowledge panel. Bing has also coferred a special status on me. Social media has given me an International identity. It could not have been possible otherwise. Amit Nimade

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Amit Nimade

Hi, I am an Indian photographer known for my works in fine art photography. I listed in Google Trusted Photographer from Indore MP India, People known me as an Internationally renowned award winning Photographer, I am also a Cinematographer, Director, Dreamer, Believer & Grateful Receiver.

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