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Sindoor Khela / Sindur Khela

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What is Sindoor Khela/Sindur Khela?

Sindoor Khela, or Sindur Khela, means ‘vermillion game’, and is celebrated by Bengali Hindu women. Traditionally, this ritual is meant for married women who are supposed to follow a set custom and protocol while playing Sindoor Khela, believing this will bring good luck for them and long life for their husbands.

Celebrating Durga – The Daughter and The Goddess
According to Bengalis, Goddess Durga travels to her home on Earth once a year for five days, which we celebrate as Durga Puja. Durga Puja is more than just a religious festival for Bengalis. It is a celebration of a married daughter coming to her maika or mother’s home, which is why celebratory feasts prepared includes fish and meat.

On the last day of Durga Puja – Vijaya Dashami – as the Goddess prepares to leave her mother’s house and travel back to the Himalaya, a few rituals are carried to bid the Goddess a proper farewell. Sindur Khela is one such custom that takes place before the Goddess starts her journey with her

As Goddess Durga is a married woman and vermillion in India represents the marital status of a woman, the Sindur is used to celebrate the Goddess’s married status.

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